Product Information and standard uses


• Heavy-duty nylon bristles easily tackle stuck-on grime. 

• The push of a button dispenses the right amount of Dish Soap when and where it’s needed. 

• The scraper on the slanted brush head easily removes extra-tough, baked-on residue. 

• Safe for use on non-stick surfaces.

 • BacLock in the bristles and handle button and grip offers continuous protection against microbes and odors.* 

• BacLock helps prevent odor due to bacteria, mold and mildew, keeping bristles and handle button and grip cleaner and fresher, longer.* WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL LOVE 

• Angled brush head is perfect for easily scrubbing pots, pans, dish


To fill: • Unscrew the head and pour Dish Soap slowly into the reservoir until Dish Soap is at the start of the treads.

 • Screw head back into place. 

• Should not be filled with concentrated products such as BioZyme™ Dish Soap Concentrate. 

To use: • Using the pad of your finger, press the button to dispense Dish Soap and scrub away grease and grime. Do not use your fingernail. 

• Use the built-in scraper to remove more stubborn grime. 

• To clean, wash head and handle with Norwex Dish Soap. Dry completely. 

• The brush also works well with other products like our Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate, Oven and Grill Cleaner and more. However, don’t fill the handle with these products as it’s designed for use with dish liquids only. 

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