Product Information and standard uses


Between the kids spilling their sodas and the dog having an accident, your carpet needs some attention. You don’t need to clean the entire carpet, but the stains definitely need some work. And you certainly don’t want to use harmful chemicals!

Eliminate even the toughest stains and odors with the natural enzyme action of our new and improved Carpet Stain Remover Concentrate.


• Shake well.

• Pour entire bottle (2 fl. oz.) into empty Forever Bottle with Sprayer.

• Slowly fill with water and shake well.

• Blot any wet soils with dry EnviroCloth® before applying.

• Spray the stain and let it sit for 10 minutes.

• Gently blot with a clean EnviroCloth; rub gently if needed.

• Repeat as needed until stain is removed.

• To make less than a full Forever Bottle use, 1 part concentrate to 8 parts water.


• Chlorine


• Optical brighteners

• Phthalates

• EPA priority pollutants 

• Synthetic fragrances

• Ammonia 


• Glycol ethers


• Improves stain removal by up to 15% (as compared to previous formula).

• Great for spot cleaning, shampooing, deodorizing and neutralizing stains on carpets, rugs and upholstery.

• Simply and effectively eliminates a variety of organic stains and odors.

• Rich foam quickly lifts stains without scrubbing.

• Formulated with certified organic Glycerin, Orange Oil and Witch Hazel.

• Rapidly penetrates to break down and remove all types of stains.

• Contains friendly microbes that work to remove stains and odors.

Consultant hacks, tips, tricks 

Care Instructions 

For optimal results, we recommend using the diluted concentrate within 3 months.

Warnings (if any) 

Test in an inconspicuous spot before using. Not for use on carpets or other materials treated with ScotchgardTM or on Teflon-coated, silk, leather or mohair carpets/rugs.

Before & After Photos

BEFORE - Carpet Stain Remover used in a Bissel

AFTER - Carpet Stain Remover was used in a Bissel