Product Information and standard uses


• Multifunctional broom and squeegee head in one versatile tool. • To clean, rinse under running water.

• Electrostatic action attracts pet hair, dust, fluff and fibers, keeping it within the bristles. 

• Requires no batteries or electricity and has no noisy motor.

 • BacLock* offers continuous protection against microbes and odors within the bristles.

 • BacLock* in the bristles make them mildew-resistant, keeping them cleaner and fresher, longer. 


• Attach to Telescopic Mop Handle and adjust to desired height. 

• To clean carpets and stairs, pull broom toward you across surface. 

• As debris accumulates, it will be pulled further up into the bristles, allowing you to keep cleaning.

 • To remove water or other liquids from hard surfaces, flip to squeegee side and apply pressure, pulling liquid from the surface.

Consultant hacks, tips, tricks 

• Attaches to your Telescopic Mop Handle to quickly and easily clean carpets, rugs and all hard floor surfaces.

 • Convenient, built-in squeegee easily tackles liquid messes on hard floors and other surfaces. 

• Extra-long bristles firmly hold debris until it is removed or rinsed away. 

• Great for fluffing carpet.

 • Durably constructed and water-resistant.

 • Rubber squeegee conforms to uneven surfaces. 

• Rubber broom doubles as a mild scrub brush when you add water.

 • Perfect throughout the home, including: – Carpets – Stairs – Garages – Balconies – Vinyl siding – Basements – Windows – Skylights 

• Rinses clean quickly.

Care Instructions 


• To clean, rinse under running water.

Warnings (if any) 


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