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These ultra-absorbent, reusable cloths help produce stay fresher longer in your refrigerator. 

You love fresh fruits and vegetables—the way they look and taste, plus how nutritious they are for your family. But sometimes they go bad in your refrigerator before you’ve had a chance to prepare them—so food and money are wasted. Maybe it’s better to just buy canned or frozen.

The unique weave of our Refrigerator Drawer Liners cushions and protects fresh produce, extending its life by up to two weeks. Soft and absorbent, the thick microfiber helps prevent bruising of items stored in the produce drawer while also soaking up moisture. Food stays fresher longer, refrigerator drawers stay cleaner, and fresh produce is back on the menu!



Line clean refrigerator drawers to cushion fresh produce and help prevent rolling.

•Place fresh fruits and vegetables on the liners. If you have two drawers, store ethylene gas–sensitive produce in one and ethylenegas–producing fruits and veggies in the other

Consultant hacks, tips, tricks 

The Refrigerator Drawer Liners are also great for keeping lettuce fresh for over a week (maybe it could have gone longer, but we ate it all) 😆!! Place one on the bottom and the other on top!

Properly storing food helps preserve quality and prevent spoilage, making the most of your food dollar.

•Ethylene producers are mostly fruits, and ethylene-sensitive produce is mostly vegetables; exceptions are watermelon and unripe bananas.

•Avoid buying bruised fruits and vegetables or those showing signs of mold or insect damage. Damaged produce can allow pathogens to enter and may spoil faster.

•Wash all produce before preparing it, even if the skin or peel won’t be eaten. This prevents germs from being transferred to the inside when it’s cut.

•Store fresh produce separately from raw beef, poultry, fish, and seafood. This helps avoid cross-contamination from pathogens borne by blood and/or juices.

Care Instructions 


Wash dirty liners with a Norwex laundry detergent and avoid bleach, fabric softeners and dryer sheets. 

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