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Lysere™ Nourishing Shampoo with Juniper & Sea Buckthorn is specially formulated by hair care experts for all hair types. With none of the harmful chemicals from synthetic dyes and fragrances found in typical store brands, it is gentle enough for everyday use. You’ll love the results!

Lysere™ Nourishing Hair Conditioner smooths and softens hair cuticles to seal in moisture and promote healthy, shiny hair. It contains plant-based ingredients, with none of the harmful chemicals of many typical conditioners, making it super-gentle and perfect for all hair types.

Lysere™ Hair Protecting Spray is fortified with Juniper and Chia Seed. The multi-functional Lysere Hair Protecting Spray shields your hair from styling stress as well as environmental aggressors like pollution and UV.

Lysere™ Deep Conditioner & Mask with Shea & Mango Butters. This deeply hydrating, two-in-one treatment works as a weekly mask or a daily-use conditioner for hair that needs an extra boost of hydration. Penetrates hair cuticles to deeply moisturize dry, brittle, damaged or over-processed hair. 


•Contains our Organic Antioxidant Complex to support healthy-looking hair.

•Contains plant-derived ingredients.

•Contains certified organic ingredients.

•Naturally scented by an essential oil blend

HOW TO USE  - Shampoo & Conditioner

•Apply Shampoo to wet hair and work into a lather.

•Rinse thoroughly.

•Massage Lysere™ Nourishing Conditioner  into wet hair.

•Rinse thoroughly.

HOW TO USE  - Hair Protection Spray

•Shake well.

•Spray mist throughout clean, damp or dry hair.

•Comb and style as usual

HOW TO USE  - Deep Conditioner & Mask

•Use daily after shampooing or as a deep-conditioning treatment once a week, depending on your need.

Consultant hacks, tips, tricks 

•Formulated by hair care experts for salon-quality performance.

•Provides softness, smoothness and shine.

•Cleanses without stripping or drying.

•Safe for color-treated hair.

•Perfect for daily use.

•Not tested on animals.


•Part of the money-saving Lysere Nourishing Hair Care Collection.

•Packaged in 80% PCR plastic.

Conditioner Offers lightweight yet conditioning moisturization, helps detangle and improves manageability & provides softness, smoothness and shine.

Deep Conditioner & Mask helps restore moisture to dehydrated, damaged hair.. Promotes healthy, lustrous shine by infusing hair with natural oils, antioxidants and vitamins. Intensely hydrates to smooth, soften and help fight frizz and improves hair texture. Can be used as a daily conditioner for extremely dry/damaged hair. Can be used once a week for a quick, targeted moisture boost

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