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The MVP Package (MVP) is a mini version of our top sellers. The three cloths are our Enviro Cloth, Window Cloth and Body Cloth. They are less than half the size of our full-sized cloths and so amazing to bring with you on the go!


The mini enviro cloth removes 99% of bacteria from washable surfaces. Perfect for any messes you might be faced with. No need to travel with wipes! The little mini cleans the messy surfaces you might be faced with.


The mini window cloth will shine all surfaces. Ditch the paper towel, this works better. Great for car windows and mirrors and so much more.

Will get windows and other glass and shiny surfaces clean and streak free with only water.


The Body Cloth is great to travel with! Keeping faces and hands clean on the go. Tough on dirt, yet so gentle and super soft on sensitive skin.


3 cloths in one set so you always have just the right tool at your fingertips.


They fit easily in your purse, glovebox, diaper bag, backpack, gym bag, desk drawer or nightstand. Body cloths can also be used as a dry shampoo and to exfoliate your legs before you shave with only water.


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